they decided to create a new

and unique alliance based

on a shared passion… a passion

for paint.

All were industry leaders in their own countries, and all could see the emerging trend for mergers and globalisation. They agreed that, whilst inevitable, not every aspect of this trend was attractive, and it was certainly not the only option. They believed that cooperation and trust could provide a strong alternative to consolidation.

They agreed that by meeting together as friends and sharing insights and knowledge of best practice freely and openly from their own different perspectives, all could learn and they would build an alliance of friends whose strength and depth would be unassailable.

They chose ‘nova’ paint club as the name for their group, not just because it was new and bright, but also with a nod to the Portuguese and Italian word for the nine founders – the number of founding members

Now over 35 years since it started, Nova continues to provide an unequalled opportunity for its members to meet and share global insights into their businesses without losing their independence of thought or compromising their individual and proud success stories.